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After a meeting with staff about shipments of art for a group show, I change into a comfortable skirt and t-shirt and cut across the museum campus where the groundskeepers are meticulous. They are in their green jumpsuits clipping hedges and riding mowers and cutting back what summer and the sprinklers have brought on. Collected everywhere are shallow puddles and the cool water seeps through my tennis shoes.

I get my hair cut and refuse to think about it. I can feel where my hair is not. …


愚木混株 Cdd20 from Pixabay

At the retreat, we learn how to let go of the future.

A balloon floats toward a mountain named after the blood of Christ which looks upon us.

You are not enjoying life when you are thinking about life, the guru says.

Stop watching words!

Everything the guru says we take to heart. Mine’s patched up.

In other parts of the world, houses empty.
Forests wake up.

We have breakfast.
We work hard. We shower.
At certain times we have access to our phones

One night, William texts, It’s coming together well.

I don't know what it is, but I’m…

In the afternoon, you can dream

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Bena and I got high and went out into the city lapping up one another’s energy after, fresh feelings of happiness like fingers flipping through vinyl records or diving into basins of candy. We were serious about walking everywhere we could, and I brought along my Minolta. We’d spied and laughed through two neighborhoods before Bena got bored and ambled off in the direction of a taco stand. Bye-bye, Bena. See ya, W. B.

I ate falafel in the fourth neighborhood. Wearing a mask feels so good, we’re doing it to live! …

A poem

Photo by Vero Photoart on Unsplash

I’m bringing you
a paper bag of croissants,
and a couple of pens by Mont Blanc
to write about how and what you feel
because. I’m bringing you
I’m bringing you a photo
of John Ritter. A funny person
has unstoppable feelings
that make us laugh,
and He’s all for our outrageous divinity.
I’m bringing you a birthday card
with someone else’s name on it,
do you want to see what they wrote?
I’m bringing you
a Whoopi Goldberg movie
where she’s a cop in Los Angeles in the 80s
because she’s just so good and we need her,
and it’s on loan
so be careful with it
and may God call to…


After a long night on the freeway,
we started the new morning at a diner.
I said your phone into my phone.
We’d never been here.

Peter and I’d ordered food and I’d
excused myself and was in the bathroom.
I’ve become addicted
to saying things into my phone, so I thought if anything
it was something I could put to good use.

The walls and floors of the bathroom were tiled and clean,
and a breeze drifted in from a window that was little
and up high so no one could see inside.
The lighting was not too overhead…

Wolfie Bain

Artist & Writer

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